#AMMConnect Bio

Hello fellow writers!  Life has been a whirlwind the past year and I am so excited that I made a last minute decision to enter Author Mentor Match next month!

Author Mentor Match is a great way to connect with other writers, learn and grow in your craft, and open the door to multiple new opportunities.  You can find out more about it here: https://ashleycdarling.com/2019/01/ammconnect-spring-2019/

A Little Bit About Me:

I’ve been writing stories since elementary school, but it was mostly a hobby until the past few years. When I found the Twitter #WritingCommunity, Pitch Wars, and so many other fellow writers, I realized how much I still needed to learn, but also that I COULD learn- and WANTED to.

I write mostly YA light fantasy and have multiple WIPs in different stages. I am constantly seeking to improve my writing and editing skills and am willing to listen to advice, critiques, and feedback.

Entering Round 6!

My submission The House’s Keeper is a YA Fantasy-  a sprinkle of Howl’s Moving Castle, mixed with dashes of Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping “Handsome”.

Trey made a promise to her father that she would keep her sisters safe. Seeking an escape from their abusive uncle, they find the fabled House- a magical safe haven.
What Trey didn’t expect was the Keeper, who was cursed to live in the House ages ago. Together, the Keeper and Trey must continue to protect her family as well as themselves from her uncle and the House- which has plans of it’s own.

Trey & Warin
Food in the House in always a feast!
Happy Valentine’s Day for Trey & Warin

Soundtrack for The House’s Keeper:

  • Fire and the Flood – Vance Joy
  • I Was Made For Loving You – Tori Kelly & Ed Sheeran
  • Somebody To Love – Queen
  • Wake Up – The Vamps
  • Let’s Hurt Tonight – One Republic
  • Evermore – Dan Stevens
  • Dreams – The Cranberries


Thank you for taking a peek into my Writer’s Mind!  You can find me on Twitter at @writerjand700   I look forward to seeing what this next year holds for all of us in the Writing Community!




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